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Brunchin Britches!

hippE monday yall! And happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and ready to start this week off right!

I'm almost done recuperating from my weekend! Saturday i went to brunch with my homegirl. It was amazingly random!

We made plans to attend this specific trap brunch event (brunch where they play trap music. lol) because a certain chef was cooking. However, when we arrived they were out of brunch food. (what?!?!)

Of course we left, ended up at Einsteins!

Ran into a friend who showed so much love!

The service, food, and drinks were great! If you're a brunch person, you should definitely check them out!

Ask for Maurice or Reggie and tell them I sent you!

mimosas, french toast, pepperjack grits, champagne, whiskey, pickleback shots, beer, oldies but goodies jukebox tunes, loaded chilidog, classic theaters, laughs, love, tons of pictures and good vibes!

So totally random, so totally fun! Some may say I'm a stickler for schedules, lists , and itineraries, however this random day was really all I needed! So yeah, lets try to be more random guys! It's much needed sometimes! Love y'all and check out what I wore for the festivities! These delicious thrifted britches instantly gave me the long legs I wish I had sometimes lol. Details below.

P.S Thank you uber! #ubereverywhere #dontdrinkanddrive

Wearing: thrifted olive green loft warp top|thrifted striped high waist trousers|thrifted reversible trench coat|nine west vintage america collection boots|thrifted cream purse|vintage watch from my grandma|99 cent wooden earrings from beauty master

Wearing: thrifted burgundy jogging suit

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