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Hey y'all!

hippE Monday! okay, so I wasn't going to post any of these pictures due to a horrible accident I had over the weekend. I was popped in the face with boiling hot grease while making salmon croquettes! ugh! I'm so over it, but once I put this flirty floral dress on and paired it with these banging riding boots, I just couldn't resist! lol

so yeah, today's look was inspired by the super dope 70's! the bold patterns flared pants, and shoes that would sprain your ankle if you stepped the wrong way were staples of 70’s fashion. With colors influenced heavily by the hippie 60's, the 70's were about being bold and being seen. Coolness reigned supreme in the 70's and if you wanted to be down with the get down your clothes could get you halfway there. Man, I should have been born then... enjoy!

Wearing: thrifted blouse| forever 21 skater dress| charlotte russe boots | 99 cent earrings from beauty master| mac, ruby woo, on the lippie

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