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hippEfinds, Ten thrifting tips




  1. The quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.

I think thrift should have been my middle name lol.

I love everything about it!

The thrill of the find, the prices, the guaranteed individuality, the inspiration to be creative, the memory jogs, and most of all, the joy it brings me!

I've been frugal since high school when I got my first job and grandma wouldn't buy me jordans anymore lol!

I wasn't spending all of my hard earned coins on some sneakers that everybody had on!

So baby girl had to learn to be stylish on her own dime.

Thank God I've been creative and artsy all my life, so this made my thrifty fashion even easier.

I can confidently say I've been a thrifter for 12 years now and I know my stuff!

Not to mention I graduated from Georgia Southern University (The real GSU) with a Bachelor's of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design, interned at a vintage boutique, and was a designer specialist at Nordstrom. So some may say I'm "seasoned" lol.

70% of the clothes I wear are thrifted and I sometimes I don't spend over $20 for a complete outfit. Don't let the price tag fool you, I get compliments everywhere I go! It's truly a gift to take a $2 dress and make it look like a million bucks!

Ao after being asked numerous times how I do it, I've decided to share a few of my treasure hunting secrets! Don't worry, I'll share more later, but this will get you started. You're welcome and happy hunting!

Ten Tips for Thrift Shopping

one. Lose the mannequin shopping mindset

When thrifting, you have to lose the mannequin shopping mindset. (When you shop for outfits that are already put together on the mannequin, like in the mall) You won't necessarily find complete outfits next to each other unless its a jumpsuit or dress. Be creative and piece things together.

two. Make a list, but be open minded

Always plan ahead. make a list of key items you would like to find. It's not guaranteed that you will find everything on your list in one location, but a list helps you keep track of your finds and add a little structure to your trips. Below is one of my many lists as an example lol.

three. Know the sale days and/or colors

Yeah, you're thrifting and saving lots of money, but why not save more?! Different stores have set discount days and colors. Ranging from 75- 15% off an already low price! Be on the look out for an upcoming post on my fav spots to thrift in atl and the best days to shop!

four. Take your time

Thrifting is not a rushed shopping trip. It takes patience and time to go through each aisle, rack, and shelf. I actually enjoy browsing, more than others lol, and I usually go alone so that I'm not rushed or feel like I'm being followed around. It's really therapy for me and I find peace and joy in shopping. (Typical woman, right lol?!)

five. Dress to try on stuff and try everything on

It's rare that a thrift store has a dressing room, so be sure to wear things that clothes can be tried on over or under. Leggings and a tank top are my fav!

six. Shop for pieces

As stated in number one, you probably wont find a complete outfit side by side. So shop for pieces that you love and can pair with things you already have in your closet or even that you find at the store. The key is to be creative and open minded! have fun!

seven. Be real

Now just because you get in there and see 99 cent shirts and stuff, doesn't mean go overboard y'all! Only buy what you love and will really wear. Yeah, its cheap, but them dollars add up over time and can be a waste if you're not wearing the stuff you buy. Bottom line, make sure you love it and be real with yourself!

eight. Inspect

You are buying used clothing, accessories, jewelry, home goods, and everything else. So always check for rips, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc. check for broken and missing pieces and cracks. Plug all electronics in and test them out. When buying furniture, check for bedbugs, pet hair, etc. If you can and will fix it, buy it if you love it! If not, leave it there because you ain't getting yo money back!

nine. Quality over quantity

You can and will find some good things at thrift stores. I find high end brands all the time for pennies! Be sure to read the tags to see what the clothes are made of. Make sure that bag is real leather! And don't be afraid to google stuff. You'd be surprised how much knockoffs look like the real thing! Me, personally, I don't care for brand names. I just like what i like.

ten. Think outside the box and have fun!

Think outside the box and be creative. Try different patterns, colors, and styles that you normally wouldn't pay full price for. Even if it looks ugly on the hanger, you'd be surprised how it looks on! Its easy to get overwhelmed in a place like the thrift store, so stay cool and remember, it's no pressure. Last but not least, have fun! I enjoy shopping and saving money! And if you take these tips into consideration you'll have a blast and walk out with big bags and no buyer's regret!

p.s. look out for hippEfinds, my fav spots to thrift in atl! soon come...

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