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Hopeless Romantic

hippE hump day y'all!

Can you believe valentine's day is a week away?! Besides the holiday season, I would have to say February is my favorite! Just so much love! My birthday, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, I love it! Wanna know a secret? I am a hopeless romantic lol.

I mean, I am in love with love. I believe in fairy tales and love. Call me an idealist, a sentimental dreamer, I don't care. I live with rose colored glasses on and ain't no shame in my game. Love is an art and I believe there is someone for everyone and if you don't settle, your special someone will find you. Even when I was single, I still loved valentine’s day! It's like everyone gets to spend a day in my world! Guys, I really love love! Okay, I won't get all mushy and stuff and talk about my love life because that's not even what this post is about!

So look, I was going to do one big post on affordable romantic looks, if you're in the spirit, but I figured i'd just share a few on days leading up to day of love! So here's the first one! This look gives you romance with the sexy white lace bodysuit and rose color duster, but the jeans make it more fun for a causal date, dinner, or dranks with your girls!

Psst...wanna feel sexy instantly? Here's a tip, wear lingerie out of the house! Yes, this works for me every time! I'll do a post on how to wear it out of the house and what to pair it with! Stay tuned!

Anyway, hope you guys like this look and are inspired! all the details are below. I'll be posting more looks this week and next week with ideas for different love day occasions, even for a night in! Love you guys so much!

wearing: white lace bodysuit (see simliar)|levi's jeans| shein slit side long kimono| shoeland pointed toe pump (see similar)| adrienne vittadini glitter wristlet/clutch (see simliar)| vintage gold watch| 99 cent earrings from beauty master

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