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If you pray for it, prepare for it

I can recall a story my grandma told me about one Thanksgiving way back before I was even thought of, like my mama was still a child.

"I remember laying on the bed in the dark depressed and crying. I had just sent your mama and uncles with their dad because I didn't have any food or money to provide a meal for them, let alone a Thanksgiving meal. As I laid there crying and whining to God, I heard him loud and clear say, "Get up! And set the table."

Side-note: Now let me just tell you, I grew up in a family of believers with what some call "crazy faith".

"So, I got up and set the table as if I had been slaving all day in the kitchen. I had no idea what God was gonna do, but I knew he never let me down. As soon as I finished, there was a knock at the door and to my surprise it was your aunt and her friend with their arms and car full of food already prepared and all I had to do was set the table."

Ain't God good?! I know he is, so get into this...

If you pray for it, prepare for it.

First off, Hey y'all! It’s been a while. I really didn't have this topic in mind for my second post ever and lord knows I’m sort of a private person when it comes to my personal life, but I’m believing and trusting in God that this testimony is for you!

So here we go... Since May, I’ve been working two jobs, not including building my brand, being a full-time mama, and girlfriend. During the day, I’m an Administrative Assistant for an association in Atlanta and nights and weekends, I work at a tuxedo shop part time. Yep. No days off. Working 7 days a week. 9am-9pm.

At first it was cool because I really needed the money (not that I couldn't use it now), but I had a few goals to accomplish, which I have, and I needed the extra income.

Okay, so rewind back to October of this year when some unexpected changes in my day job occurred and I had to take on more hours and a heck load of responsibilities that weren't mine before. Cool right? More money and more to add to my resume. Not to mention, I love my job and my company!

Now, meanwhile at my other job I’m still trying to maintain my sanity from a long day’s work at my day job while providing exceptional customer service with a smile on my face. When really in the back of my mind was how much I wanted to be at home with my family, cooking them dinner, bathing my son, and putting him to bed at a responsible time of night, while still having enough time to cake with my dude and get a few forehead kisses lol (yes, I love forehead kisses). Not to mention, how much creative time I was missing out on to work on hippE. I really felt like work was consuming my life and I became unhappy to the point where the money didn't matter anymore.

I would battle everyday mentally with whether or not to quit my second job. Besides the fun interactions with the customers (I’m a people person), weekly paychecks (so clutch) and the friendships I gained with my coworkers, I started to hate my job there. It had become more of a burden than a benefit.

One evening while sitting at the computer at the tuxedo shop, about to attempt to make some calls or send emails, or something that I didn't want to do. I put the lead list down and said I don't wanna do this and I’m not doing it. (Please don't do this at your job, our circumstances may be different lol). Clearly, I had gotten fed up. It really should have never reached that point, but I was the one "sticking it out".

I remember praying and literally crying to God multiple times for a smooth transition from this job and for him to supplement the income that I would be quitting as well. And boy, one day I asked, "Why am I still here, Lord???" and I heard him say, "Because you don't trust me."

My mind was blown! He was so right! The whole time I’m holding on to this job because I didn't trust him to provide or supplement this income. Of course, it wasn't intentional, I mean who in their right mind purposely doesn't trust him?!

So that was that! I typed up my 2 weeks’ notice and literally had to close my eyes to send that dang email lol. (I’m so dramatic, I know), but that was my way of exercising my faith. I knew that I needed to step out on faith and believe that God got my back.

***Y'all know I’m real with y'all right?! Okay, so before we go any further, I just wanna say that the struggle was sooooooooo real! I had to constantly pray and ask God to help strengthen my faith and I let him know that I was having a hard time and asked for confirmation hourly. Haha! (I’m the worst!) But God knows our struggle and he honors us for trying to do what is right. This battle with flesh is crazy, but we can win with Him on our side. ***

Oh yeah, thank you so much if you've read this far! I'm almost done! But I’m really about to blow your mind with what’s coming next!

So, I put my notice in on a Wednesday, and that Friday I received a bonus check from my company that was as much as I make at the tuxedo shop in a whole month! God is so good! Nothing could stop the tears of joy and the overwhelming feeling of love that I had all over me. (Confirmation #1).

That same day, a young man I met at my mom's praise and worship conference spoke a word of confirmation into my life that I must share with you.

Have you seen that Gatorade commercial with Michael Jordan vs. Mia Hamm? "Anything you can do, I can do better? If not, it’s all good, you can see it now.

Well, that's what God wants us to know that anything we can dream of, he can dream better, and he already has. Anything that you can imagine and believe for yourself, God is already prepared to do that and so much more! All you have to do is take that step and exercise your faith and he's just waiting to jump in and take over and bless you abundantly! More than our limited little minds could ever imagine! God wants us to exercise our faith by stepping out there and doing what we need to do in the natural so that he can add his super and boom! Blessings on blessings on blessings! (Confirmation #2)

Today I pray that God confirms whatever it is that you're praying and asking him for and that he gives you the strength to continue to press on, exercise your faith, believe, and "prepare the table". I love you and I can’t wait to hear those testimonies and share my new ones! Oh, and I’m expecting so much more to come! Be great!

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