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Rich Hipster

hippE Friday yall!

I can't even lie, my life is lit!

Yeah, it has its ups and downs, but overall I can't and won't complain! I know we are all God's children, but I think He loves me a little more! lol!

So yeah, I may not have all of the money and gold in the world, I don't own a mansion(yet), and I may drive a Hyundai, but baby, I'm rich!

I wake up every morning expecting and excited to see what God got for me! My beautiful, healthy family, a great job, amazing church, cozy home, reliable vehicle, outstanding friends, the biggest support system on earth, and to top it all off, getting to do what I love, make up this rich life of mine!

Told ya I'm rich! now it's your turn, what is your definition of rich? Just take a minute to reflect on how awesome your life is even if it's as small as being able to go to the bathroom alone (some people can't do that) and let me know in the comment section below!

Love you guys so much! Have a rich life!

Oh yeah, check out what I wore today! See all the details below and would you believe that's a skirt on my head! lol!

Wearing: thrifted black suede dress|thrifted denim embroidered jacket|head wrap is really a thrifted skirt|nine west vintage america collection boots|fossil zip clutch (see similar)|pashmina/ silk blend scarf(see similar)| thrifted choker| 99 cent gold earrings from beauty master

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